Comforting resources during tough times

Get the behavioral health support needed to cope and recover.


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Behavioral health problems impact your thinking, mood, and behavior, as well as those around you. They can appear in little ways such as losing sleep for a few weeks or as significant signs like feeling totally hopeless for long periods of time.

No matter how big or small, if you or a loved one is experiencing behavioral health problems, we’re here to help. Sharp Health Plan covers mental illness diagnosis and treatment for children and adults at any age and stage, as well as emotional disturbances in children.


Need help now?

If you or someone you know needs emergency medical care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Help hotlines

In addition to the resources listed above, the following hotlines are available to talk over a problem, find information, or get advice.


Tips and resources

Mental health support group

Support group

Are you or someone you care about suffering from an eating disorder?

This support group helps individuals and families understand the complexity of eating disorders and maintaining lifelong recovery.

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Coping with life's transitions

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Coping with life's transitions

The road of life is filled with obstacles and can get more difficult as we age. Learn how to cope with the challenges, including loss, loneliness and pain.

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