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Raise awareness this month on diabetes

November 2018, November is American Diabetes Month, and for good reason. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. If you have a higher risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, or prediabetes, preventive care resources are available.


The highest member-rated health plan for the fourth year in a row

October 2018, Sharp Health Plan announced today that they continue to be recognized in California and nationally for high-quality care and service. From Covered California to nationwide quality ratings, Sharp Health Plan is among the nation’s highest rated health plans.

Suicide prevention awareness

Raise awareness this month on breast cancer

October 2018, Did you know? October is National Breast Awareness Month. More people are getting screened for breast cancer early, and it’s making a difference. Read up on the warning signs and protecting your health against breast cancer. 

Suicide prevention awareness

Raise awareness this month on suicide prevention

September 2018, Suicide is preventable. Learning about suicide and its warning signs can equip you to support a loved one who is struggling. Find out what you can do to help, or if you’re going through a rough time, see how you can find the compassionate care you need.

Immunization awareness

Raise awareness this month on immunizations

August 2018, Thanks to childhood vaccinations, over 10 million cases of infectious illness are prevented in the U.S. every year. But when we grow up, some vaccines can wear off and make us vulnerable to illness. See why getting immunized throughout your life is so important.

Hepatitis awareness

Raise awareness this month on hepatitis

July 2018, World Hepatitis Day takes place every year on July 28. In the U.S., nearly 5 million people may be infected with hepatitis B or C. But, many don’t know they have it. Find the facts on how you can stay ahead of the epidemic.

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What goes into being the highest member-rated health plan?

July 2018, You’ve made us one of the best health plans in California – and we’re so proud and privileged to be serving you. Get a glimpse of the national health plan survey standards we strive to meet, for members like you.

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A ‘guardian angel’ in Customer Care

June 2018, When you call a company’s customer service line, you don’t expect to meet an angel. But that’s exactly what happened to Kevin Cook when he was helped by La’Quetta Glasper, a representative in Sharp Health Plan’s Customer Care department.

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Raise awareness on men's health

June 2018, In honor of National Men’s Health Week, we encourage men to take hands-on steps to address preventable health issues. Share these recommendations, and ask family and friends if they’re due to see their doctor.

Apply sunscreen

Raise awareness on melanoma

May 2018, Being exposed to UV radiation is a risk factor for skin cancers, including melanoma. In the U.S., the hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. are the most hazardous. Learn how to help protect you and your family.

New Medicare ID cards

New Medicare ID cards

April 2018, Starting this month, the U.S. government will begin mailing new, more secure Medicare ID cards to all Medicare recipients. It’s important to note that the new cards will not replace a health insurance ID card. Get the facts from this article.


Learn the signs of autism

April 2018, It's National Autism Awareness Month. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) occur in about 1 of every 68 people, so it is likely that you may know someone who is affected.

Colon Health Awareness

March is designated Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March 2018, Of cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, which is why prevention, early detection and treatment is so important.


Sharp Health Plan earns top marks from nonprofit ratings group

February 2018, Melissa Hayden-Cook, Sharp Health Plan's CEO, talks to KPBS about Sharp Health Plan's Excellent NCQA Accreditation, and choosing a health plan based on quality and service.

Raise awareness on heart heath

Raise awareness on heart health

February 2018, Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Learn how to better understand the risk factors and how to make heart-healthy choices.

NCQA excellent accreditation

Sharp Health Plan recognized for high-quality care and service

February 2018, Sharp Health Plan, a not-for-profit health plan serving San Diegans for the past 25 years, announced that they have once again been recognized nationally and in California for their high-quality care and service.

Cervical health awarenessRaise awareness on cervical health

January 2018, January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Education and regular screenings are the best ways to prevent and diagnose this potentially dangerous disease.

Extra mile for Medicare members

Going the extra mile for Medicare members

January 2018, Personal coaching from Sharp Health Plan's Best Health team helps Medicare members get more from their Sharp Direct Advantage Medicare plans.

Sharp Health Plan staff gives backA culture of giving back

January 2018, Sharp Health Plan employees supported the Monarch School for homeless children in San Diego by donating and stuffing more than 900 toiletry bags, as featured in this Sharp Health News article.

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Get educated: stop the flu cycle

December 2017, December includes National Influenza Vaccination Week and National Handwashing Awareness Week. Here is some helpful information to keep the flu from bugging you.

SHP-DiabetesAwareness-News-290x190Raise awareness on diabetes

November 2017, Nearly 86 million Americans are living with pre-diabetes. In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, learn how to prevent or better manage the disease.

Sharp Health Plan Surcharges could hit Covered CA customersSurcharge could hit Covered California customers

October 2017, Michael Byrd, Sharp Health Plan’s Chief Business Development Officer, is quoted in this San Diego Union-Tribune article. He explains how policy owners that qualify for subsidies may find they have more options.

SHP-BestHealth-3-16One of the country's top wellness programs is right here in San Diego!

May 2017, Sharp Health Plan's Best Health team was featured in the May/June 2017 issue of Experience Sharp magazine on their work with Evans Hotels.

doctor with clipboardWhat does a routine checkup or screening cover?

April 2017, Dr. Cary Shames, Sharp Health Plan’s Chief Medical Officer, is quoted in this Sharp Health News article on preventive care. He offers the benefits of why members should take advantage of these no-cost doctor’s visits.

Sharp Direct Advantage is offered by Sharp Health Plan. Sharp Health Plan is an HMO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment with Sharp Health Plan depends on contract renewal. Read the full disclaimer.

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