8 things to do now to ease holiday stress later

Every year, it seems the holidays creep up on us faster than the year before. And if you don’t get ahead of it, you could be in for a stressful season. Luckily, there are things you can do now to avoid stress later. Check these eight to-dos off your holiday list to relieve pressure and put the focus on fun:


Start a running list of gift ideas

You never know when a friend will mention a little-known hobby. Take time to keep notes in your phone or planner for gift ideas.


Think through holiday spending

Now is a great time to create a budget for the holidays. After your necessary expenses are accounted for, set amounts for gifts. Many banks also offer holiday accounts, and even a little money jar to collect the spare cash in your pockets can help ease money matters later.


Make a meal plan

If you’re hosting festivities this year, you can easily get a jump-start on planning the holiday menu. Choose recipes that are easy to freeze, like fudge or dessert bars.


Post a shared calendar of holiday events

Having a shared calendar in a common location (like on the fridge or your phone) can help everyone stay on the same page.


Start a healthy routine now

Help yourself stick with a healthy routine by starting one now. Locking yourself into a weekly exercise class or daily walk will help train your brain to keep up the routine during the busy holiday time.


Start decluttering

If you’ll be hosting guests, take an inventory of what you need: bed linens, games, extra toilet paper. Then plan a day where you can truly set everything aside and clean.


Build self-care into your plan

Make plans to spend time in nature, take stretch breaks or simply opt out of an activity or two. Finding small moments of peace and quiet can help you mellow your mind from anxieties and reconnect with yourself.


Plan a reward for yourself

After weeks of holiday planning, adding one more to-do may seem outrageous, but planning something special for yourself, as a reward for your hard work, is a great way to keep up your enthusiasm. Give yourself a well-deserved treat for managing a fun, yet busy, holiday season.


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